This is a book that contains 16 chapters. There are three people discussed per chapter that have deepened my thinking, at least three texts attached to the general conversation/chapter that serve to illustrate points made (that serve as touchstones for further research and deepening of participants and are ‘end-noted’) and at least three anecdotes from my past in order to ‘bring alive’ the deepening process manifest.

The “JeffreyJSKnowles” website ( takes certain information and plays with it more thoroughly in terms of links to other sites etc – so the visitor can see this enterprise is largely about education, connection and deepening.

The book has 16 chapters and is quite deliberately in two parts – the first part lets the reader know what types of questions will arise when the deepening process starts within them, and part two reveals the ways I have dealt with the issues that arise in a person as they deliberately follow a deepening pathway into themselves.

  1. “Is there More than This?” (An investigation into the depth that IS possible in this life.)
  2. Why do you Fear? (Your Fears will lead you to great deepening and personal growth)
  3. When did YOU stop asking questions? (Best questions are where the answers cease)
  4. Good Conversations (Form the basis of our deepening into the complexities of life.)
  5. Right on Time (A correct attitude to various ‘times’ is helpful in deepening oneself.)
  6. Now you’re Dreaming! (Dreams – the role they play in signalling our deeper thoughts.)
  7. Into Nature (Nature doesn’t move in straight lines, what keys can we learn from it?)
  8. Travelling (Internal and External Travelling is good for deepening oneself.)
  9. Money Matters (How to use it so that it doesn’t use you and cause you to ‘skate’.)
  10. Colour Wheels (Deeper conversations about colour and the ways to perceive them.)
  11. Reading Codes (Sacred texts may be (or may not be) connected to a Religion.)
  12. House to Home (There is a marked difference between the two in deeper comfort.)
  13. Two in the Mouth (Another way of looking at ways of dealing with life problems.)
  14. Healing Modalities (Three levels of healing, and three ways of approaching them.)
  15. In the Now (Using the present moment to deepen yourself, not the future/past.)
  16. Integration (All the pieces of the book come together.)

So the process to deepen relies on fully living in the present and watching for people, texts or events that will act as a guide to developing your deeper understandings.

“People will deepen, strengthen and educate themselves if you create the right conditions for it to happen” (Sir Ken Robinson TED talk 2013) and this enterprise is about creating the environments and text to do exactly that.