Well it has not been possible to make the Oct 12th deadline for the books – so once again we have moved the launch at the Paperchain bookshop in Manuka to November 2nd. Third time lucky I hope. I’m sure things like this happen all the time to people in the publishing world but to me it is a frustratingly slow process. The books just take time to get right, and because the pictures were too dark, there was nothing I could do except wait for the printers to have another go at them. Or at least one copy. The Paperchain book shop has been SO patient and have done me the service of saying calmly……. ”Yes, and WHEN would you like it now…?” meanwhile work has been progressing on the social media side and I am learning more each day from Pierre Johannessen about posting, hosting and sending messages to people about the upcoming launch. Simon J has been working in the background for paypal and alerting me to all the small details that are not right yet like the account being in US dollars and not Australian dollars. It takes MORE time than I thought to sort this as well!