Do YOU want to lower your water, electrical and gas bills?

Once you understand the principles of sustainable retrofitting, do you know where to source the products and expertise to put those principles into practice? My consultancy is designed to help with all matters that lower your “footprint” on the planet. “Sustainable advice, one step at a time, without fear or favour”


Vision statement

To genuinely help a wide range of people to embrace the fitting and retro-fitting of environmentally sound and sustainable products and principles to their homes.

Philosophy on sustainability and the urban environment:

My passion for sustainability started twenty years ago when I was inspired to build a home for my family. At that point I wanted to have the lightest environmental ‘footprint’ possible for the building and garden in order to assist in healing our impact on the planet. I began to notice that people everywhere in Australia seemed almost unconcerned by the amount, size and type of building that was occurring – their ‘footprints’ seemed to be getting larger in terms of both resource usage and floor plan!

Twenty years later I am pleased to say that I feel the tide has shifted and that many more people are embracing sustainability on a number of levels. Most of my philosophies toward reducing the resources required to run a home are being put into practice – a term I call ‘Praxis’. These philosophies include

• using rainwater instead of town water;
• using greywater on the garden;
• utilizing composting toilets to save water in the first place;
• using the sun as a resource to generate electricity and heat water;
• Using kitchen scraps for the production of compost;

I wish to share my passion and knowledge for better praxis in this area with other like-minded people. This consultancy is designed to help others meet their own challenges within their homes.
I feel there is an ever growing need to be responsible towards resources such as electricity, water and gas within the domestic milieu and therefore I feel we need to retrofit and build with this ecological sense in mind.


Key services of the consultancy:

• To provide a sustainable vision for your property;
• To provide the knowledge of resources and the problem-solving abilities to facilitate the solutions to your sustainable challenges;
• To develop sustainable solutions that work for customers and fit their respective budgets;
• To be an effective catalyst/facilitator/conduit between the customer and high-quality product outlets – therefore allowing the customer a credible choice of product and price.
• To provide a written report after the consultation. This report will be itemized and prioritised in terms of both your budget and specific needs.

Additional service of this consultancy:

• I have been working in the last 18 months with the Australian Energy Foundation to deliver assessments of rental housing in the ACT region.
• The above work has meant I have been helping facilitate the ACT Rental Home Energy Assessment Program through the ACT governments’ Environment, Planning &Sustainable Development Directorate.
• I am a fully accredited Scorecard assessor (#RES 3430422) and so I am currently involved in completing a trial project for the implementation of Scorecard assessments into the ACT region through a contract with the ACT government (also the EPSDD.)


Strine Environments

A leader in home design here in Canberra for many years, this business is led by Ric Butt an architect known for his passion and attention to solar passive design principles. His ability to design ‘excellence in living’ on difficult blocks is clear; he also now possesses a modular design which is well worth considering for a new build situation.

Solace Creations

Karen Porter has a passion for uPVC window frames and appropriate double glazing that has led the ACT region for the last 15 years. Several variations of window and door opening systems are available from top manufacturers – drop into the ‘Solace Studio’ at 17 Townsville St Fyshwick to see the excellent selection of frame colours also on display.