Well now I have started work on the fact that we need to sell the book through the website as well as the eBook. I must say there is a lot more to this setting up the ‘pay buttons’ than I thought. That said, Simon Jackett has got me to understand how to create various things like CSV files for addresses and set up a Mailchimp account for the mail-outs to tell people about the book launch at Paperchain Bookshop in Manuka.

So far the launch date has moved once and might move again! The first date of September 17th was not possible because we didn’t have enough time to print books for and the present date of October 12th is also beginning to look questionable! Each time we shift it takes the pressure off Simon but adds more to me because I can’t seem to get a good copy of the book in my hands. Now the colour is very wrong in a lot of the pictures – they are quite dark and do not serve the purpose I put them in there for….a pity. So I am sticking at it and refuse to go to launch until I have a great copy to be proud of in my hands.